In the New Testament, ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus provided the pattern for Christian ministry—He came, not to receive service, but to give it (see Matthew 20:28Mark 10:45John 13:1-17).

To minister means to attend to the needs of someone. It can also refer to those things done by the church but not during the regular church service—or Mass if you’re Catholic (e.g. food and clothing  drives, cleaning church grounds, etc.). Ministries can also happen outside of the church (e.g. volunteering at a community center or prison outreach) or across the world (e.g. short-term mission trips). An individual who doesn’t even attend church, but knows and serves Jesus could also have a ministry if he or she volunteers at a homeless shelter or visits elderly people. A comprehensive list of ministry possibilities would be impossible. Basically, any time you serve someone else in the name of Christ you are ministering.

This ministry leads us in praising our Lord in song. Their dedicated efforts greatly enrich our worship service. We sing in worship, love and thanksgiving. Musical prayer is an important part of our service. All are encouraged to raise their voices high in praise of our God. Music selections often reflect the themes of the scripture lessons read during service.

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Vestry members make decisions regarding spiritual life, physical property, finances, outreach and other matters regarding church operations.  Our Rector, Wardens and elected members of the congregation oversee parish operations and act to ensure we continue to meet our mission as a church. Meetings are held on a monthly basis or additionally as needed.

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Parishioners dedicated to the care of all items in the church having to do with the worship service. Including, but not limited to: altar, sanctuary, brass, linens, vestments, silver, altar hangings and sacristy. This ministry works tirelessly behind the scene so clergy and the congregation may enjoy a smooth flowing worship experience, promoting the value of prayer and reflection.


Altar Guild

Each Sunday we gather not just to give thanks and worship the Lord but to hear the words of the Holy Bible. Reading scripture with clear, strong and well modulated voices, words can come alive.  A Lector can add greatly to the experience of our worship service, painting a verbal picture that allows us to carry scripture with us as we leave our church to live our lives as faithful Christians.

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Members of the parish trained to deliver Holy Communion to our homebound church members. These ministers are licensed by the Diocese after approval by the Rector and completion of training. Visiting our brothers and sisters in Christ can be a rewarding time for both the Ministers and the visited.  Bringing communion, church news, friendly conversation and personal connection is emotionally supportive. It is also a wonderful way to live out one of our Christian commissions.


Lay Eucharist Minister

A weekly gathering of women to share scripture and learn how we can apply the Lords teachings to our lives as Christians. In today's world we all face the challenges of dealing with whatever our day to day lives hold in store for us. It is sometimes hard to know where to turn or what to do. Study topics here are an ever changing realm of digging deeper into the meaning that scripture holds for us, as we meet this world as Christians and as modern women.

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Women's Bible Study

As Christians we cannot look away when those among us may go hungry.  Starting as just a small closet in the downstairs at St. George's, the New Life Food Pantry has grown to the status it holds today as its own 501c charitable organization. Serving Helmetta and many of its surrounding communities. Still hosted by St. George's church, the pantry allows all patrons in need to enter and select from a variety of food offerings. Fresh produce is also available on scheduled days.

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New Life Food Pantry

Concerned parishioners come together to discern how to disperse what God has given us in the hope of meeting specific needs. Historically recipients have included a variety of worthy organizations such as local Police and Fire Departments and feeding the hungry to name a few. We will continue to give in the spirit of Christian giving to our community for the greater good. 

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