St. George’s Anglican Church holds to what is often called “Mere Christianity.” The following essentials serve as defining lines in our faith.


Gospel: We believe that God’s saving power is the good news (Gospel) for the world. Jesus’ work through the cross creates the opportunity for us to have a personal, intimate relationship with God our Father. We adhere to Jesus Christ’s statements that He alone is the way to the Heavenly Father. Those who repent of sin and surrender to Jesus Christ as the Savior are rescued (saved) from eternity without God.


Biblical: We believe in the unique authority of Holy Scripture, as God’s Word written. As it was penned, God’s work of inspiration came. We hold to what is often called “the verbal, plenary inspiration of Scripture.” We seek to build our lives shaped by the values of the Bible.


Reformational: A description of our understanding of Scripture and the nature of God is found in the historic “Thirty-Nine Articles of the Anglican Church.” These articles set forth the essential doctrines of the church. Along with these articles we honor the principles of worship described in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (grounded in the Prayer Book of 1552). We affirm that whatever cannot be found in Scripture is not required of anyone as an article of faith. We affirm the great Biblical insights of Luther, Calvin, Arminius, Cranmer, Whitefield, Wesley, and others; and affirm the Jerusalem Declaration of the Global Anglican Future Conference (June 2008). The historic creeds, understandings of great theologians, and customs of Christianity are helpful; but God’s Word is the final word in all matters of faith, doctrine and morals.


Pentecostal: We believe that victory for a life of winning daily battles and the abilities needed for serving come out of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment. Christians are most effective when they rely upon the Lord for every strength needed. We believe that God still works in and though His church today as He did in Biblical times. We ask God to do what seems as the impossible and celebrate the answers He brings. We believe all spiritual gifts and ministries mentioned in Scripture still function for God’s glory today.