Anglicanism is one of Christendom’s oldest expressions in history. It originated sometime in the 2nd century AD by Christians who carried their beliefs with them to the British Isles. Christianity eventually dominated the British Isles and is often referenced today as Celtic style Christianity. This Christian expression was recognized as part of the greater church in the West. Over the centuries the Bishop Rome was embraced as the significant leader. By the 16th century political issues fractured the union with Rome and the Anglican Church rose separate from Rome under the leadership of its own shared bishops. 


Today Anglicanism is worldwide expression of Christianity with nearly forty associations separate yet linked with one another and organized as Provinces. Each Province normally carries the name “Anglican” with the exception of a few who use the alternate name “Episcopal.” All the Provinces together make up the global Anglican Communion. St. George’s Anglican Church is part of the global Anglican Communion through its diocese, the Diocese of the Living Word, which is part of the Province in America and Canada called The Anglican Church of North America.


St. George's roots in the community go deep. Graced with its beautiful Gothic Architecture the church was built in 1894 by snuff mill owner George Helme (Helmetta). The early congregation consisted mostly of mill workers and their families.


In spite of our years, St. George's continues to be forward looking and

a source of relevant Christian teachings. We have stayed faithful to our Christian principles, belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior and the love God holds for all His people