Looking Back at 2018

Every year as the New Year approaches there is always a countdown. Probably the most common are radio stations doing the top hits.

See below the greatest hits of CANA East, the information comes from our Bishop, Julian Dobbs. As a diocese - CANA East had a superb year!

  • almost 250 people gathered for our annual missions' conference and synod

  • new men have been ordained to holy order

  • a growing number of seminarians have committed to study.

  • new congregations like Christ Church, South Bend, Indiana have been planted.

  • lay leaders have been commissioned for ministry.

  • Bishop Seabury Church has a new building and was named as a pro-Cathedral.

  • almost 85 clergy and spouses gathered for the annual CANA East clergy and spouse retreat.

  • bible teaching, baptism and discipleship have been seen from Maine to Miami, FL and from Tulsa, OK to Long Island, NY

When CANA East was inaugurated in April 2013 there were 23 congregations. Today, we give thanks to God for the GROWTH of 38 congregations and 4 additional church plants. Give thanks to God for such blessings! Pray for how you can help the Lord in the harvest of 2019!