Memorial Day Blog

Most people think of Memorial Day at the beginning of the summer. Beaches officially open up and people head there whether the weather is good or not. People have barbeques and you can often walk around your neighborhood smelling all kinds of good food cooking.

Those are all fun things to do, but how many will do anything to honor our veterans? Our town always had a parade, but how many towns will be doing that? I imagine not many in New Jersey, maybe in other states that have not been affected by the pandemic?

So let’s take this time to remember all those who have served and have fallen. I feel like we should also not forget those who are still with us. We still have several veterans amongst our members and at least one who fought in World War II.

In my youth, I loved to watch TV shows like Combat or Rat Patrol, which were both about WWII. Later when MASH came out, I watched it for years. I remember my father telling me that war was not all fun and games like MASH made it appear. This reminds me now of the following song:

Where to begin? Let's start with the end This black and white photo don't capture the skin From the flash of a gun to a soldier who's done Trust me grandson The war was in color © 2006 Carbon Leaf

War is not fun. It is not funny. Those that live and died for our freedom may not even be buried where their family can visit.

We live in a wonderful country. We have a Bill of Rights, unlike any other nation. We have a Constitution that protects us from the abuses of power that many other forms of government have. We are a truly blessed nation. Men and women have died for those things. They have died young and old for our flag, for our nation, for our right to say the name of Jesus (Free Speech). They have died so that we can worship in our own way and not according to the government (Freedom to Gather). People of many different heritages have fought and died for our nation. Some of them did, even though they were not yet citizens. Imagine that for a moment. How many of us would die to protect our religious rights and our rights in general?

Even now men and women are in harm's way, so let’s take some time to pray through Psalm 91.

Please click here to read Lord God Most High we thank you that you have been our refuge and fortress. Thank you for all the men and women who paid the ultimate price to stand the watch for you. Thank you that we as a nation do not live in fear of the evils we see elsewhere in the world. We pray that as a nation we do not lose sight of the place you have put us in, A bastion of freedom. We thank you that even though there is pestilence in the land, you have not forsaken us. We pray that you safeguard our troops.

Give them the courage to serve. Give them the knowledge to do what is right. Draw them closer to you. Help us to remember their sacrifice. They do not always get paid well and yet they have paid that ultimate price. Their families have gone without fathers and mothers or sons and daughters. Be with those who are reminded of a loved one that is no longer here. We pray that those soldiers who have died and known you Jesus have a new duty in heaven. We pray that like them, we who still are alive, soldier or civilian, will soldier on until our time comes. In Jesus'name we pray. Amen!