Only His Death Matters

The following is a Christian parody of the Metallica song, “Nothing Else Matters.” Metallica’s song is

based on a relationship one of the band members had, but when that fell apart they dedicated the song to their fans. So, I decided to make a parody of their song, but with a Christian twist. My plan had been to post this on the church blog for Good Friday, but I forgot. Still, as my song/poem says, “Only His Death Matters.”

I don’t think the timing matters. Yes, it is no longer Good Friday, but the death of Jesus will ALWAYS matter. Please enjoy this song. If you need an instrumental version of this song to help you sing along, check out the Youtube cover of “Nothing Else Matters” by the Brooklyn Duo.

If you are not into that kind of music, then just consider a poem. I think of it as the journey of sinner to Jesus. It has a little bit of me and my journey in it. I hope it moves you!

So close, yet so very far

Need a circumcision of the heart

Never trusting the Son of God

And everything else matters

Never repented of my sins

Life is fun, but dying within

All these words, I can't win

And something must matter

Trust I need and surrender to you

Every creation needs to be new

God, open my mind to you

Only His Death Matters

Never cared for Christianity

Never cared for hypocrisy

But God knows

Your close now, not very far

It going to take a change of the heart

Forever trusting who You are

Only His Death Matters

Never cared for TV preachers

Only care for godly teachers

Now I know

I finally opened myself to Him

My faith is fit and trim

Jesus is my Lord, I just say

And nothing else matters

Trust I need and surrender to you…