The ACNA App

Normally I talk about subjects with an emphasis on the Bible and the Word of God. This time however, I want to talk about an app. I literally JUST found out about this app on Anglican Unscripted. ACNA stands for the Anglican Church in North America and our diocese has been apart of ACNA for awhile. So now they have an app that you can install on your phone or tablet.Please don’t be rolling your eyes. I bet one of you is rolling their eyes and just about to stop reading. This is helpful not just for you, but also for all of us. So bear with me, because this will be pretty quick. ​ You can download the app to your phone from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. You might be thinking what is the benefit? What can this app do and why would I need it on my phone? Well it can help people find Anglican Churches. Why is that important you say? Churches are easy to find, right? I would disagree! Places of worship are easy to find, but are they all Christian? I would venture to say that many Christian churches are Christian only in name. It used to be VERY easy to find an Episcopal, especially in New Jersey, but since we left the Episcopal Church, finding Bible believing, non-revisionist, orthodox churches is a LOT harder.

There are two main reasons why being able to search for other like-minded churches is a good thing. First, when you are on vacation, visiting some place far from home, or maybe even a business trip, you can look to see if there is a local ACNA church. We did this once down in Virginia and ended up at an a wonderful spirit-filled, thriving, ACNA church. The Church Finder also has links to the church’s website, so you can see what the service times are. Second, other people when they are visiting New Jersey can do likewise. Maybe they will come to visit St. Georges because of it? We are hearing from more and more people that are finding us on the Internet. See what a search on the app shows for a given zip code. Maybe you have friends or family that are moving to a new area. They might not know what church to go to, but you could suggest one for them or show them the app and let them decide. I know a person that plans to move to Virginia. It turns out there are several down there. While this person is not an Anglican, my prayer is that they find it similar to what they are used to. In addition to finding a church, the app also gives you access to 1) event resources for all of the ACNA conferences, 2) Watch or listen to past conference keynotes and breakouts, 3) Check out an ever-growing list of podcasts, 4) Keep track of all denomination happenings with the calendar and news feed. With all of the goofy apps people put on their phones, here is one with truly eternal possibilities. Try it out and I hope you like it. ​