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Brothers and Sisters,


As we conclude the week we set aside for a special season of Thanksgiving, we now continue our journey together into the new Chirstian year beginning with the season of Advent. 


The 4 weeks of Advent are more than just a countdown to Christmastide. We commemorate the waiting and expectation of Jesus' First Coming, but we join the saints of old in anticipation of his Second Coming, the Great Day of the Lord.


Advent is wrapped in mystery and longing, and leads to particularly powerful experiences of worship. I believe the Holy Spirit works in especially powerful ways during this season . It is during this time that he especially fills out heart with the plaintive longing cry, "Abba, Father!" (Galatians 4:6)


So each week of Advent we will explore a theme of expectation. This week we will look at the theme of Hope, as we light the first Advent candle, often called the Prophet's Candle.

I look forward to celebrating Holy Communion with each of you, in church or online, on Sunday at 9 AM.


+Fr. Marc

- The Season of Advent -

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